Wrong direction

2012-10-31 by Daniel Hojka

... this is what I get EVERY TIME I have to hard reset my Macbook running OSX 10.8 after it refuses to wake up from sleep. There’s no way to make finder let go the items I am trying to drop. It’s completely irrelevant what you do, it just sits there and behaves as if you kept your mouse button/trackpad pressed down.

This happens with a 99% chance after every reboot since some funky moron took over power management in OSX or whatever causes this damn piece of software to not recover after a wake up event.

Excellent – since the only way to resurrect drag&drop is to send the Macbook to sleep, but hey, be very fast, if it stays in sleep for too long, it won’t recover, and I may hard reset it again, leaving you with a non functional drag&drop situation. Dumbheads.

Seriously, what’s wrong with this company, they are on their best way to become mediocre – at best. I’d say lousy is what I would rate everything they released software-wise during the last 24 months. Are all the good guys gone and some weirdo MBA conceptionalists without the smallest clue have taken over?

If so, good bye Apple, we had a really productive partnership over the last ten+ years. I really wanted to keep it that way, but I need tools that work, not toys that annoy me.

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German Railways

2009-07-23 by Daniel Hojka

Nothing quite new, the DB is as unreliable as it can get. How will they ever be able to compete with cars or airplanes if they don’t even manage to bring you from Graz to Erlangen in less than 8h? By car it’s usually between four and five hours, by plane less than 2.5h.

Not to mention I had booked a seat (air conditioned, first class, power plug, etc.) and I got no power plug, something over 40°C in the cabin (it was the hottest day of the year 2009) and 3h delay.

The last time I chose the DB for transportation service this year.

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Back to Alternative

2007-06-04 by Daniel Hojka

Last saturday evening – I don’t remember the last concert where I had so much fun turning up the volume to 99-103dB(A) ... three bands, the first one not worth mentioning, the second one pretty cool (brought the smile back to my face) and the third one veeerrrry nice.

Actually I do not accept jobs like these anymore, but this was a exception as a friend of mine was desperately looking for a sound tech for this evening and I had nothing else to do. Funny enough that this gig pays my brand new Weber grill (and a horrible parking fee … 8)

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Electric Vibes at the Generalmusikdirektion

2007-02-07 by Daniel Hojka

A short 3G clip that I made with my mobile during the last Jazzbigband Graz rehearsals at the GMD here in Graz. We chose this location, because the decent sound system allows us to experiment with the overall sound. This program is intentionally going to be something totally different, straight meters, pumping bass drums, pushing double bass, texturals keyboards and piano, (Ableton) live electronics … more power lounge than jazz.

I couldn’t resist and made a (inferior!) transition in FCS from what was captured by the mobile’s microphone and what really got on tape (17 musicians into 40 channels, using 20 compressors mixing to stereo). Obviously the audio was recorded later on that day, so it doesn’t really fit into that scene :))

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Cats like weird music

2006-11-25 by Daniel Hojka

I guess now it’s official. I had a concert last week that usually would not be worth mentioning (shitty tiny club), but this was actually the first time in about 12 years of live mixing a cat was in the same room.

The first band of the evening was some kind of a retro synthie revival group, a guitar player and another musician playing almost broken kiddie synthies from the last century – brilliant!

I shot a small clip with my new mobile (still love you – N73), just to remind me of this unbelievable strange mood that everybody was in during their performance. Enjoy!

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