Müller - The Movie

2006-03-13 by Daniel Hojka

This is what comes out when a couple of students of stage design and sound engineering try to make a short movie. You wouldn’t believe the amount of work in these few minutes… You’ll need Quicktime 7 or an appropriate h264 codec to watch the movie (in fact it’s encoded with the iPod default preset).

Download MPEG-4 Video (9:34min, 51.9MB)

Brucknerhaus or The Night Of The Blue Rose

2006-03-13 by Daniel Hojka

This is the media file of an article on www.toningenieur.info. The media itself is a short movie taken with Sebi’s digicam from FOH, I decided not to delete it because of it’s educational component :)

Download AVI (3:00min, 37.8MB)

Article on www.toningenieur.info

Mosaik - Kindfolk

2006-01-13 by Daniel Hojka

Angela Tröndle’s Mosaik – a preview of the upcoming new CD. While this is only an early premix (I will NOT post the final results!), you should get the idea. All tracks recorded by Heimo Knopper and mixed by me.

Download MP3 (7:01min, 12.9MB)

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